The Kandji Team

Assignment Maps

AUTHOR: The Kandji Team

We have Introduced Assignment Maps, a new type of Blueprint for deploying configurations to devices.

Like Classic Blueprints, Assignment Maps are collections of Library Items that are deployed to specified groups of devices. Unlike Classic Blueprints, Assignment Maps consist of conditional blocks—groups of if/else conditions that can evaluate user and device-specific data. Within those blocks, assignment nodes determine which apps, settings, and other configurations will be deployed to the devices and users that meet the chosen criteria. Assignment Maps can accommodate common deployment scenarios, including scoping by user location, department, or even device-specific identifiers such as asset tags.

The same Library Item can be used multiple times in the same map, with different rules applied. For example, if an app is needed in North America for Sales and also in APAC but only for Marketing, the map could be nested by both location and department and the same Library Item could be referenced, with the appropriate logic, in two different places.

Assignment Maps also include a device lookup feature to facilitate investigations into why a given configuration was delivered to a given device. This allows the admin to search by device or user, select a device, and examine the path it took through the Assignment Map to see how Library Items were assigned.

Assignment Maps intentionally allow for Library Items that might conflict with one another. In such cases, Library Items that are placed farthest right on a map—which should mean they are scoped more specifically—take priority over items placed to the left. Such conflicts are resolved automatically and called out on the map for admins.

To build a new Assignment Map, admins can click the New Blueprint button and choose Assignment Map. They can build a map from scratch or start with one of Kandji’s pre-built templates.

To make migrating to Assignment Maps easier for existing customers, all existing Library Items can be used with or without rules defined on Assignment Maps, without affecting or referencing existing Blueprint assignments or Assignment Rules applied at the Library Item level. Admins can filter the list of Library Items by Blueprint, in order to easily select and add Library Items from existing Blueprints to new maps. Parameters configured on an existing Classic Blueprint can be imported into Assignment Maps, as well.

For more details, see our support article.