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Security controls templatized to industry benchmarks

Security controls organized into templates for CIS Level 1 and CIS Level 2 allow you to reach compliance with benchmarks at the click of a button.

Security control mapping screen

Continuous enforcement

Kandji continuously enforces everything from endpoint protection to encryption to password policies on all devices—even when devices are offline.

Remediation screen

Auditor access

Prove compliance and provide detailed reporting at a moment’s notice using “read-only” auditor access mode.

Auditor access screen

Automated evidence collection

Integrate with third-party providers to continuously monitor and collect evidence from your endpoints into the systems that prove infrastructure compliance.

Third party provider logos

See Kandji in action

  • Assign dozens of security settings and ensure your fleet meets CIS benchmarks—in minutes.

  • Continuously enforce endpoint protection across your fleet. Kandji provides ready-to-execute audit and enforce scripts.

  • Encrypt all data on Mac computers with the recovery keys escrowed in Kandji and rotated frequently.

Easy Reporting

Generate comprehensive Apple fleet reports on key categories, with a few clicks and a simple interface.

Laptops with notification
Background Blue waves

Manage and secure your Apple devices at scale.