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End OS version headaches

Get your whole mobile fleet on the right major or minor OS version. Powerful automation and orchestration in Kandji Managed OS Library Items for iPhone and iPad keeps things updated on your terms.

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Image of Instantly secure lost devices

Instantly secure lost devices

Enable “Lost Mode” to secure and locate missing devices. Data is protected, and we’ll alert you if they move.

Make your devices your own

Customize the look and feel of your corporate devices with custom wallpapers. Configure the home screen and lock screen with the background images that enhance your brand.

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Simplify home screen configuration

Ensure your team has the apps they need to get the job done, by previewing the home screen layout from the Kandji UI.

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Integration and reporting

Integrate your iOS and iPadOS devices with the rest of your stack and consolidate information about users and hardware.

Generate reports for inventory and compliance with Kandji Prism (Limited Preview).

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Manage and secure your Apple devices at scale.