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Watch the launch event

Watch the Kandji Liftoff launch event replay. Registrations from over 2,000 Mac admins, IT leaders, and tech enthusiasts worldwide flooded our inbox, with almost 1,000 showing up to watch it live as a shared experience.

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Weldon Dodd
SVP of Product Strategy,

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Arek Dreyer
Senior Product Engineer,


Forget about editing preference files, recompiling packages, configuring launch agents, or scripting. Liftoff makes it simple to give users an easy-to-understand view of the setup process.

Image of Liftoff screen

Onboarding with Kandji

Setting up your Mac screen
Low battery message
Setup complete screen
  • Users can’t wait to get started with their new Mac computers—but you don’t want them to do so before everything is fully configured. The answer? A clean, elegant, customizable interface shows end users the setup process's progress.

  • Users sometimes do funny things—interrupting first-time installations by disconnecting power cords or changing Wi-Fi networks midstream. Liftoff takes that in stride, with robust error handling and recovery.

    Low battery

    Wi-Fi disconnected

    Exit password

    Help screen

    Restart required

  • Customize the screen users see when Kandji has fully configured their computer and has it ready to use. Provide easy access to tools they’ll need to get started, including Kandji Self Service, help links, online resources, and more.

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