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Vulnerability Management for Mac

Get the insights, context, and remediation tools needed to mitigate risk from software vulnerabilities on your macOS devices with minimal effort.

Detailed vulnerability information
Deployed through Kandji Agent
Real-time discovery
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Why Kandji for Vulnerability Management

Proactive collaboration

Shared intelligence creates a shared reality between IT and InfoSec which increases the impact and collaboration across both teams. Workflows change from reactive to proactive.

One agent, zero overhead

Vulnerability Management is enabled through the same Kandji Agent used for Device Management and Endpoint Detection & Response, bringing implementation and maintenance time to zero.

Tooled specifically for macOS

The Kandji Agent listens for application-related events to detect changes. We use Apple’s native tools like Background and Utility QoS to dynamically prioritize the user’s work.

Watch the launch event

Watch the Kandji Vulnerability launch event replay on YouTube. See the beginning of a new chapter in Apple device security.

Integrated with Apple

Our lightweight service, built into the Kandji Agent, listens to Apple’s Endpoint Security framework events for any application-related changes on a Mac to determine if new vulnerabilities have been introduced or patched.

Mapped to the National Vulnerability Database

The Kandji Agent on each Mac inventories all the software on the system, looks at its metadata, and taxonomizes those files to match them up with known vulnerabilities. Kandji pulls in all the CVEs from the National Vulnerability Database and then checks those application bundles against the identifiers provided in the CVEs.

Survey the vulnerability landscape

Get a total picture of your Apple endpoint risk profile by seeing all the vulnerabilities and their severity across your device fleet.

Contextualize and prioritize

Learn more about each vulnerability, which software it impacts, and the Mac computers that are affected before beginning remediation.

Take immediate action

Use Kandji’s built-in software patching and device management tools to remediate vulnerabilities on the spot.

One system with Device Management

Kandji’s Vulnerability Management works hand-in-hand with its Device Management and Endpoint Detection & Response solutions. A unified approach to your fleet’s security and maintenance is now possible.

Remediate vulnerabilities with:

  • Auto Apps
  • Managed OS
  • Custom apps & scripts
  • Application blocking

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Kandji’s Device Harmony platform brings IT and InfoSec together to keep every Apple user secure and productive. Test out the full suite of capabilities.

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