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The Magic of Kandji

Easily manage and secure your Apple device fleet

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Elegant automation

Kandji allows admins to completely automate the provisioning, maintenance, and security of Apple devices.

Software is always current

Automated patch management puts the admin back in control of the software on end user devices.

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Secured with a click

Security templates close your threat surface fleetwide and get you compliance-ready in minutes

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Round-the-clock security

The Kandji Agent will monitor and enforce Apple device security controls so your Mac admin doesn’t have to.

Image of Kandji Agent toggles

Force multiplier

From increased efficiency to lower cost of ownership, your bottom line is our top priority.
Check out our Apple MDM buyer's guide to find solution that's right for you.

Lowest ownership cost

Massive reductions in device administration hours result in substantial cost savings.

Empower your team

Liberate your security and IT teams from mundane fleet management tasks and unleash their innovative potential.

Happier team members

Elevated IT interactions that result in happier users and increased CSAT scores from day one.

A perfect experience

Curate and manage Apple device end user experiences from setup and app installs to software updates and computer restarts.

Warm welcomes

Provide meaningful and personalized messages to users when setting up their Mac on the first startup and keep them updated during the provisioning process.

Setting up your Mac screen

Prioritizes productivity

App and OS updates are elegantly enforced, never interrupting important work.

Actions required screen

Streamlined for speed

The lightning-fast Kandji Agent, built with Swift, keeps the Mac running at top performance.

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Built for scale

Global businesses choose Kandji.

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Manage and secure your Apple devices at scale.