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How Kandji Stands Apart

Efficiently managed and secured Apple devices are a given for Kandji. The real magic is how we get you there.

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Frees up time

Kandji’s automations are a force multiplier. They free your technology team from repetitive tasks, letting you focus energy on more impactful projects.

Secured with a click

Security templates get a fleet hardened and compliance-ready in minutes.

New blueprint screen

Software is always current

Automated software updates mean no more patching, testing, or manually notifying users.

os Upgrade Starting screen

Round-the-clock security

Toggle-on security settings are monitored and enforced by the Kandji Agent.

Image of Kandji Agent toggles

Ramp up new admins, fast

Blueprints give a clear view of your desired state, getting new admins up to speed in hours instead of days.

New blueprint screen

A perfect experience

Kandji has purpose-built experiences from setup and app installs to software updates and computer restarts. It’s what your teams expect from a company with high standards.

Warm welcomes

Show new users how you are setting up their computer on the first startup, keeping them updated on how soon they can get to work.

Setting up your Mac screen

Prioritizes productivity

App and OS updates are enforced elegantly, never interrupting important work.

Actions required screen

Streamlined for speed

The lightning-fast Kandji Agent, built with Swift, keeps the Mac running at top performance.

Installing update screen

Adds strategic value

From increased efficiency to lower cost of ownership, your bottom line is our top priority.

No more wasted talent

Kandji lets security and IT teams innovate while it automates most of the fleet management tasks.

Lowest ownership cost

A competitive pricing structure and massive reductions in engineering hours equate to substantial cost savings.

Happier team members

Employees get elegant and effortless IT interactions from day one, showing them you value their time and experience.

Built for scale

Kandji is for lean teams who need to exponentially increase their impact.

Get started today

Kandji's platform multiplies the power of your technology team, improves security posture, and creates a world-class management experience for Apple device users. Test out the full suite of features.

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