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User Success

Customer Stories

New employees onboarded
Auto Apps Deployed
250+ employees
“Every new hire that comes on should have an amazing onboarding experience, like they’re the most important person at the company. They're going to perform better knowing how much attention they got in the beginning.”
Charlie Klaussen
IT Manager
Mac Devices
Person IT Team
Days Saved Each Month
800+ employees
“Sure enough, those devices just started flooding right into Kandji. In all, we migrated over 500 devices with almost no intervention. It was really smooth.”
Jeremy Armstrong
Team Lead, IT Support

Kandji G2 Certifications

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to commonly asked questions

Kandji offers scalable pricing that is based on the solutions your organization needs, as well as the types and numbers of devices you’re managing.

Kandji offers free onboarding, and we support the migration from existing MDM solutions for all customers. We’ll guide you on best practices for migrating your devices, customize the MigrationAgent (which is deployed to your Mac devices), help you troubleshoot if difficulties arise, and support you throughout the migration.

Yes. Kandji offers a free, 14-day trial.

Kandji maximizes your operational efficiency through set-it-and-forget-it automations for app deployment, patch management, and security-control enforcement. Competitive pricing plus fewer hours spent managing Apple devices equate to substantial cost savings.

Yes, Kandji supports users enrolling devices through a secure web portal. Apple Business Manager can streamline enrollment into Kandji, but it is not required.

Kandji supports managing all Apple operating systems, including macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS.

Kandji offers a variety of ways to protect corporate data on devices. For example, new customers commonly use Kandji to ensure that data stored on all devices is encrypted. If a device is then lost or stolen, an attacker won't be able to access the data without the password (Mac) or passcode (iPhone or iPad).

Kandji’s offers free support to all customers 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Every Kandji support engineer has Mac admin experience, so we're like an extension of your company. We know where you're coming from and provide peer-to-peer guidance on reaching your goals. Requests for help or advice via chat are typically answered in under 2 minutes.