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Integrate Kandji with Your Software Stack

To streamline your whole stack, integrate Kandji with an ever-expanding software roster, including identity providers, compliance automation tools, and software monitors.

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Why integrate with Kandji

Increase Kandji's impact on your infrastructure by integrating it with the rest of your software quiver and use its powerful automations to save you time and effort.

Passport: Unlock Macs with single sign-on

Remembering multiple passwords is cumbersome and invites vulnerability. With Passport, users access their Mac computers with their single sign-on credentials, simplifying life for them while improving security for you.

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Connect to your ecosystem

Kandji integrates with your stack to automate employee lifecycle aspects, streamline how you associate users to devices, automate compliance, enhance your reporting, receive alerts, and more — all from one dashboard.

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Expand with Kandji API

Use the Kandji API for enterprise-grade extensibility. It’s REST-compliant and constantly updated with new endpoints, letting you see more and do more.

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Access Kandji with single sign-on

SAML-based single sign-on gives technology teams secure access to the Kandji web app, letting you manage your devices through your choice of identity provider.

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Manage and secure your Apple devices at scale.