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Control without chaos

Define deployment logic and assignment rules through an intuitive, no-code interface. An infinite canvas of conditional blocks and assignment nodes lets you quickly model setups of nearly any complexity. Graceful conflict management delivers consistent, predictable results.

Kandji Assignment Control without chaos

Clear visualization

See the entire chain of assignment logic laid out explicitly in a straightforward visual flow that acts as your source of truth for the device`s end state.

Kandji Assignment Clear visualization

The magic built into Assignment Maps

Our design paradigms allow Assignment Maps to be flexible enough to meet the most demanding enterprise needs while still remaining easy to use and easy to troubleshoot.

Kandji Assignment Maps - The magic built into Assignment Maps

Exclusive device assignments

Each device can belong to only one Assignment Map at a time, minimizing the chance of conflicts or errors.

Kandji Assignment Maps - Exclusive device assignments

Reusable library items

Every library item can be used in an Assignment Map multiple times, with different rules applied each time as needed.

Kandji Assignment Maps - Reusable library items

Nested if/else logic

Nested if/else logic allows you to easily model complex configuration scenarios in an intuitive manner.

Kandji Assignment Maps - Nested if else logic

Conflict-avoiding hierarchies

When the same library item is applied multiple times, only the last configuration in the map is actually pushed to the device, ensuring conflict-free consistency.

Kandji Assignment Maps - Conflict-avoiding hierarchies

Clear analysis for troubleshooting

Preview and test configuration against specific devices, with complete visibility into the path each device takes to reach its end state.

Kandji Assignment Maps - Clear analysis for troubleshooting
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