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Why use Prism?

From compliance to routine maintenance, many IT tasks begin with getting a clear view of your entire device fleet. Yet in the hectic day to day of a modern IT organization, you often don’t have time to spend digging through groups and generating reports. Prism makes reporting quick and easy: with a few clicks you can get the information you need to keep your fleet under control at all times.

Kandji Prism in action

Spot security issues early

See at a glance which of your systems has FileVault enabled and easily ensure fleetwide encryption. Verify the installed version of your macOS and the 3rd party apps across your user base. Catch unpatched systems before they cause problems.

Kandji Prism - Spot security issues early

Be audit ready instantly

Collect Apple fleet data to provide compliance proof points for external audits and internal reviews. Simplify reporting about the systems you manage.

Kandji Prism - Be audit ready instantly

Scan your entire fleet in seconds

Get instant visibility on key categories when you need data to investigate incidents or to troubleshoot issues.

Kandji Prism - Scan your entire fleet in seconds
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Manage and secure your Apple devices at scale.

Kandji Prism - laptops