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Managing Software Shouldn't Be Hard

From our hosted Auto Apps library to custom apps and Managed OS, Kandji makes it easier than ever to orchestrate an Apple MDM configuration across your fleet's software suite.

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Keep macOS up to date

Managed OS gives admins complete control over operating system updates. You can enforce major and minor OS updates without any scripting. The Kandji Agent notifies users when they need to do something—with the option to delay until the enforcement deadline—letting them update at the most convenient time.

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Put popular apps on autopilot

Kandji's Auto Apps automate patch management of popular software. Its secure, hosted library of applications lets you deploy and update your chosen suite of tools with ease without interrupting users' workflows.

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Automated device management

Streamline daily management of your Apple devices with a suite of task automations and insightful reports.

Apps done your way

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  • Sync any App Store apps from Apple Business Manager Apps and Books to cover any software not included in Auto Apps or your custom library.

  • Upload and deploy your custom apps from one central location with drag-and-drop ease. Kandji supports PKG, disk image, and ZIP formats, as well as pre-install, post-install, and audit scripts for maximum flexibility.

  • Help users help themselves with a curated library of apps that are downloadable without IT’s involvement. The Self Service experience is customizable, from the logo to the labels, so everything feels 100 percent on-brand.

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Manage and secure your Apple devices at scale.