The Kandji Team

Assignment Rules Can Now Be Based on Directory Data

AUTHOR: The Kandji Team

You can now define assignment rules based on data stored with your identity provider (IdP). Specifically, you can base rules on a user’s department, job title, or user group, as long as that user data is stored in Google Workspace or Microsoft Azure AD. SCIM support for user groups and titles to be leveraged by assignment rules will be included in a future release.

Assignment rules 6.png

Any Kandji customer who has integrated their user directory from one of those sources with their Kandji instance can use those user details to determine whether or not a given library item will be deployed to specific users' devices. Blueprints will adapt what they deploy based on those user attributes.

For more details on how to implement this latest update to assignment rules, see our support article. It's important to note that, to leverage directory data within assignment rules, you must reauthenticate your directory integration.