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 ㅤ   Auto Apps are Kandji pre-packaged, hosted, and automatically updated Apps available to deploy with a single click. Kandji has loaded 20+ of the most common business apps that are not available in the App Store into our Library and will govern versioning for all those apps moving forward, so you have peace of mind without manual package management work. We’ll be adding more apps every month based on customer feedback. Auto Apps are designed to streamline Mac patch management for apps that are not available in the Mac App Store. Apple does an excellent job of automatically updating App Store apps without disrupting the user experience. However, as any Mac admin knows, there are many Mac apps that are not available in the Mac App Store, and those can be a challenge. As an IT team, it can be incredibly time-consuming to manually manage patches and updates for a large number of business applications.

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You can choose whether you want updates enforced automatically or manually. A manual update can be used on a specific date if a certain patch is needed (such as the infamous Zoom vulnerability in 2019). You can also automatically Add to Dock, a unique feature enabled by Kandji’s macOS Agent. If a user uninstalls the app, the Agent will actually reinstall it and re-add it to the dock on the next check-in. With Auto Apps, you can also have peace of mind that your end users won’t be disrupted by unnecessary or confusing user approval requests.

All Auto Apps include:

  • Notification whitelisting: Enables a silent install without the user being notified

  • Kernel Extension (KEXT) whitelisting: Ensures users will not receive prompts to approve Kernel Extension access

  • PPPCP (Privacy Preferences Policy Control Profile): Lets apps access protected user and system resources without the user being prompted to approve the action

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For more information, visit the Auto Apps Knowledge Base article.