The Kandji Team

Changes to the Kerberos Extension

AUTHOR: The Kandji Team

 ㅤ   Additional customization is available within the Kerberos Extension UI. This includes the ability to set a custom username label that is displayed on the “Username” field, such as “Company ID.” You can also set a custom help message.

kerberos extension big sur - ui customize.png

Admins also have more control over the initial login experience for IT administrators on macOS 11. This includes a new MDM configuration option to delay the first login prompt and a new flag on the app-SSO binary to manually trigger the initial login prompt when desired (using a script executed using the Kandji agent, for example).

kerberos extension big sur - delay.png

The menu on macOS will also display more detail about the state of the extension to the user. When clicked, it will provide additional information about the state of the network and credential.