The Kandji Team

Home Screen Layout Library Item: General Availability

AUTHOR: The Kandji Team

The Home Screen Layout Library Item has moved from Preview to General Availability.

The Home Screen Layout Library Item was initially launched in Preview in mid-December, allowing admins to start using the feature immediately. We added new features—including managing the Dock, multiple pages, and now app folder management—in subsequent Kandji releases.

We also added refinements based on customer feedback.

Today's release includes:

  • Preview tag removed;

  • App folder management;

  • Adds Settings and Phone apps to the preview to match the on-device experience;

  • Bundle IDs for WebClips and Sidecar are sent automatically, to preserve device functionality;

  • Only one Home Screen layout is allowed per Blueprint;

  • Accessibility enhancements: clickable action menu, keyboard shortcuts to move apps around, and a border to help differentiate between preview area and background;

  • UI refinements, including the ability to move a page and clearer disabled state for apps in the app list.

Expect further refinements and new features in the future. For more details about the Home Screen Layout Library Item, see our support article.