The Kandji Team

Introducing All Blueprints Assignment Option

AUTHOR: The Kandji Team

We're excited to announce a new, powerful addition to Kandji: the All Blueprints option. This feature is designed to make managing your Library Items across all existing and future Blueprints even more seamless.

All Blueprints Option:

With the All Blueprints option, you can now ensure that a Library Item is included in all existing Blueprints and any additional Blueprints created in the future. You'll find this option at the top of the Blueprint selection box, where you can activate it for a specific Library Item. Please note that while All Blueprints is supported for most Library Items, there may be some exceptions.

Excluding Blueprints:

When using the All Blueprints option, a new Excluding feature becomes visible. This allows you to assign a Library Item to all Blueprints, both existing and future, except for those listed in the Excluding box. This added flexibility ensures that you have complete control over which Blueprints receive a particular Library Item.

  • The All Blueprints option automatically includes a Library Item in all existing and future blueprints.

  • The Excluding feature lets you exclude specific Blueprints from the All Blueprints scope.

  • When creating Blueprints from templates, they're auto-excluded from self-conflicting Library Items to prioritize template-based items.

For more information, please refer to our support article: Learn More