The Kandji Team

Introducing Lost Mode for iOS and iPadOS

AUTHOR: The Kandji Team

We've introduced Lost Mode for iOS and iPadOS devices. It balances the need to quickly lock and locate a device with controls to protect—and to prove your protection of—user privacy.

Lost Mode can do several things to the device:

  • Lock it to a special lock screen to prevent access to corporate data.

  • Set a custom message on that lock screen, with contact information and a footnote.

  • Provide you with the device’s location and alert you if it moves more than 50 meters.

  • Allow you to trigger the Lost Mode sound, even if silent mode is on.

Lost Mode is entirely managed by MDM, with zero reliance on the user, iCloud, or the enabling of Location Services on devices. Kandji’s implementation also helps prevent bad actors from circumventing the device lock: If a device in Lost Mode is reset by the person who found it, it’s placed back into Lost Mode as soon as it re-enrolls.