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AUTHOR: The Kandji Team

 ㅤ   Kandji Passport makes the login process easier for users by syncing their local Mac login credentials with those they use for single sign-on with their organization’s identity provider (IdP). Since its introduction, Passport offered you the ability to specify that for newly created accounts, permissions should be based on membership in an IdP group. In the User provisioning section of a Passport library item, the “User account type” option of “Specify per identity provider group” now also performs this check on every login. As always, if a user’s IdP group membership returns both administrator and standard account types, the user will be designated an administrator.
This update also introduces the Kandji Extension Manager and the Kandji Endpoint Security Framework (ESF) Extension. The Kandji Extension Manager is installed in /Applications/Utilities folder, and more information is available in the previous update (