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Improvement AGENT

Kandji Agent 4.4.4

AUTHOR: The Kandji Team

With the release of Kandji Agent 4.4.4 (5022), the Report user accounts that are signed into iCloud parameter will now report a passing status if a configuration profile restricts access to Apple ID settings in System Settings. The audit text will still report users who may have been logged into iCloud before the restriction was applied.

We've made additional improvements to the Auto App update process for apps with services kept alive by launch daemons.

We’ve also updated the methodology for checking for Rosetta for macOS Sonoma and newer.

The menu bar app has changed the Your apps are up to date text to No app updates are required at this time, to better reflect that only apps managed by Kandji are displayed there.

Using the Show Bluetooth status in the menu bar parameter will no longer have any impact on other Control Center modules.

This release also includes improvements to the user experience for Accessory & Storage Access alerts when attempting to remount external volumes after previously pressing the Cancel button.