The Kandji Team

Kandji Agent 4.4.5

AUTHOR: The Kandji Team

With the release of Kandji Agent 4.4.5 (build 5049), we've made improvements to Passport, Auto Apps, Self Service, and Kandji EDR:


  • This version of the Kandji Agent brings a significant change to Passport:

    • When using the Do not securely store password option in the Passport Library Item, the Kandji Agent will now enforce password synchronization only during account login.

    • Previously, Passport used IdP refresh tokens (when available) as hints that a password has changed. But without the user’s password securely stored locally, such hints can often lead to undesired or frequent password prompts. Passport no longer uses refresh tokens for this purpose.

  • We improved the handling of authentication with Google.

Auto Apps

  • We improved the reliability of Auto App updates.

Self Service

  • All Auto App updates now appear in the Recent Activity section, even if the application is not shown in Self Service and regardless of whether or not the user initiated the update in the Kandji Menu Bar App or it was updated in the background by the Kandji Agent.


  • We've made performance enhancements, including improved ESF event handling for Sonoma.

  • We've increased protections for Agent-protected directories.

  • We've added two new CLI commands for listing and deleting quarantined files:

    • sudo kandji avert --list-quarantine

    • sudo kandji avert --delete-quarantine

For more details on those command line changes, please see our support article.