The Kandji Team

Kandji Agent 4.5.4

AUTHOR: The Kandji Team

We've released Kandji Agent version 4.5.4 (build 5102), which includes the following changes:

Kandji Agent

  • Adds Brazilian Portuguese as a localized language in Passport, Self Service, and the Kandji Menu Bar App.

  • Script output from pre- and post-install scripts for Custom Printer Library Items will now appear in the Library Item status in the Kandji web app regardless of script exit status.


  • When turning off the Set hibernate Parameter, the Kandji Agent will restore the macOS default power settings for the device, equivalent to pmset restoredefaults.

  • Improved remediation for the Disable the automatic run of safe files in Safari Parameter.


  • Improved login speed when FileVault is not being enforced.

  • When using Passport with IdP set to Other, the code verifier is now RFC 7636 compliant.

  • Web login window and password sync dialogs no longer overlap on macOS Monterey.

  • Web login mode with FileVault passthrough turned on will now prompt a user to update their password if their FileVault password doesn’t match their current IdP password. This feature requires the Mac to have a network connection at the time of login; otherwise, the user will be prompted to update their password later (if the option to store user password is turned on).