The Kandji Team

Kandji Agent 4.5.5

AUTHOR: The Kandji Team

We've released Kandji Agent version 4.5.5 (build 5112), which includes the following changes:

Kandji Agent

  • Improved reliability for reporting on Google Chrome Updater versions in Prism.

  • Improved system application version reporting, such as for Safari, after macOS updates in Prism.


  • When an account is created with the Create user accounts parameter, and the password does not meet applied complexity requirements, the task fails, and the user is now removed from the device.


  • Improved model reporting for newer Apple silicon Mac computers on the Device Info tab of the Passport help window.

  • When Passport is configured to securely store the user's password, and if the local user account becomes locked, Passport will no longer attempt to test whether the password is in sync with the IdP password until the account is unlocked.


  • NTFS formatted external volumes are now blocked by the Accessory & Storage Access Library Item.

  • Improved logic to better handle scenarios when a file's path no longer exists.

  • Improved retry logic for interrupted baseline scans.

  • Improved logic to better handle files stored in cloud repositories but not downloaded to the device.