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Kandji Agent 4.2.10 (4652)

AUTHOR: The Kandji Team

With the release of Kandji Agent 4.2.10 (4652), we’ve improved the user experience around escrowing the FileVault recovery key.

If a Mac is in a Blueprint with both a FileVault Library Item and a Passport Library Item, and if that FileVault Library Item requires the FileVault recovery key to be escrowed with Kandji, the Kandji Agent now has a new way to ensure that the key is in fact escrowed.

If the Mac’s user logs in with Passport, but Kandji does not yet have a recovery key escrowed, Passport will silently cause macOS to generate a new key; that key will then be automatically escrowed with Kandji. As a consequence, the Kandji menu bar app won’t need to prompt the user to provide their password in order to regenerate a key.