The Kandji Team
Improvement AGENT

Kandji Agent 4.2.6

AUTHOR: The Kandji Team

In this release of the Kandji Agent (version 4.2.6), we are introducing several enhancements related to Passport, parameters, and the Kandji menu bar app.


We’ve updated the way the password sync prompt interacts with the identity provider when no password is entered in the input field. When the Passport password sync dialog appears, the OK button is not clickable until a user enters a password into the Identity Provider Password field. This prevents the identity provider account from being locked after repeated attempts to authenticate with a blank password.


We’ve improved the following Blueprint parameters:

  • Report user accounts with FileVault Recovery Keys escrowed to iCloud clears the alert if (a) a FileVault recovery key was previously escrowed to iCloud, (b) FileVault is turned off then turned on again, and (c) a new FileVault recovery key is escrowed with Kandji.

  • Manage Safari Location Services correctly sets permissions for the user’s ~/Library/Safari folder.

Kandji menu bar app

After an Auto App update completes, if the Kandji menu bar app is no longer open, it won't display an animation of the Auto App disappearing into a puff of smoke or play the accompanying sound effect.