The Kandji Team
Improvement AGENT

Kandji Agent 4.2.4

AUTHOR: The Kandji Team

In this release of the Kandji Agent, we are introducing several enhancements related to Passport and some foundational performance improvements.

Login Window Localization

This release introduces support for language localization to the Passport login window—the same support that’s already found in Self Service.

TouchID Password Prompt

This release also introduces an improved experience for Passport when a user logs in to a Mac for the first time. Previously, when a Mac was configured with a Blueprint that included both Passport and Automated Device Enrollment (ADE) Library Items, and if the latter was configured to not skip the Touch ID screen, the user was prompted to enter their password in the Touch ID screen before they could set up Touch ID. With this release, the user will no longer be prompted for their password at the Touch ID setup screen.