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Kandji Agent 4.2.9

AUTHOR: The Kandji Team

With the release of Kandji Agent 4.2.9 (4570), we’ve introduced a new configuration option in the Passport Library Item. It allows you to turn on an enhancement to the Web Login authentication mode: Web Login Passthrough. When this option is turned on, an end user will be able to complete the Passport login window flow after successfully authenticating in the identity provider web view. They will then not need to confirm the password again before proceeding to the desktop view. 

The Web Login Passthrough option requires the Store user password setting to be configured as Securely store password in the Access section of the Passport Library Item. Additionally, the first time a user logs in, they will be challenged to verify their password, so Passport can securely store it. The next time a user logs in, Passport will attempt to use the user’s securely stored password. If the stored password is no longer current, the user will need to provide their current Mac password before they can log in.

Managed OS Improvements

We have also introduced improvements to the Managed OS update logic, as well as the Library Item status detail to show when fallback mode is engaged on the device. The restart logic and Menu app progress indicator have been improved, as well.

The SHA-256 hashes for Agent version 4.2.9 (4570):










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