The Kandji Team

Kandji Agent: Updates to Menu App

AUTHOR: The Kandji Team

In this release of the Kandji Agent, we are introducing a refreshed menu bar app experience for users. Our menu app now displays a tabbed list of available updates: one for apps and one for updates or upgrades to macOS. It also offers more direct access to Self Service, and the Self Service app itself received an updated app icon.

Finally, we are also introducing a new experience to help users successfully update or upgrade macOS. When a user uses the menu app to allow Kandji to update or upgrade macOS, and that MDM-initiated update or upgrade cannot complete successfully, the menu app guides the user to manually complete the update or upgrade. If the user ignores that initial prompt, the Kandji menu app will continue encouraging the user to complete the task, with increasing frequency over time.

For more on this update, see our blog post.