The Kandji Team

Kandji API: New Blueprints, Library items Endpoints

AUTHOR: The Kandji Team

We've released new API endpoints related to Library Items and Blueprints. The Library Items endpoints allow Kandji customers to create and interact with custom apps, custom profiles, and custom scripts. The new Blueprints endpoints allow customers to manage assigned Library Items as well as list all Library Items scoped to a given Blueprint. Specifically, the following API endpoints are now available:

  • Custom apps

    • List custom apps: /api/v1/library/custom-apps

    • Get custom app: /api/v1/library/custom-apps/{{library_item_id}}

    • Upload custom app: /api/v1/library/custom-apps/upload

    • Create custom app: /api/v1/library/custom-apps

    • Update custom app: /api/v1/library/custom-apps/{{library_item_id}}

    • Delete custom app: /api/v1/library/custom-apps/{{library_item_id}}

  • Custom profiles

    • List custom profiles: /api/v1/library/custom-profiles

    • Get custom profile: /api/v1/library/custom-profiles/{{library_item_id}}

    • Create custom profile: /api/v1/library/custom-profiles

    • Upload custom profile: /api/v1/library/custom-profiles/{{library_item_id}}

    • Delete custom profile: /api/v1/library/custom-profiles/{{library_item_id}}

  • Custom scripts

    • List custom scripts: /api/v1/library/custom-scripts

    • Get custom scripts: /api/v1/library/custom-scripts/{{library_item_id}}

    • Create custom scripts: /api/v1/library/custom-scripts

    • Upload custom scripts: /api/v1/library/custom-scripts/{{library_item_id}}

    • Delete custom scripts: /api/v1/library/custom-scripts/{{library_item_id}}

  • Self Service

    • List Self Service categories: /api/v1/self-service/categories

  • Library status and activity

    • Get Library Item activity: /api/v1/library/library-items/{{library_item_id}}/activity

    • Get Library Item status: /api/v1/library/library-items/{{library_item_id}}/status

  • Blueprints

    • List Library Items: /api/v1/blueprints/{{blueprint_id}}/list-library-items

    • Assign Library Item: /api/v1/blueprints/{{blueprint_id}}/assign-library-item

    • Remove Library Item: /api/v1/blueprints/{{blueprint_id}}/assign-library-item

These endpoints will not be enabled by default on existing API tokens; they must be explicitly enabled within the token's permissions. Visit our API documentation for more specifics.