The Kandji Team

Kandji API : Remote Desktop Command

AUTHOR: The Kandji Team

 ㅤ   A new API endpoint for the Remote Desktop device action is now available for macOS. This new action allows you to control the Remote Management status on a Mac and turns on (or turns off) Remote Management with Observe and Control permissions enabled for all users. /devices/{device_id}/action/remotedesktop In addition, Device details gets a new section added called security_information where you can see the remote_desktop_enabled status. "security_information": { "remote_desktop_enabled": true } As of macOS 12.1, Remote Management Screen Sharing can no longer be enabled via the kickstart command. Refer to the following Apple Support article. This command enables the following capabilities on the device:

  • Remote Desktop with the All Users access

  • The ability to receive remote events

  • The Observe, Control, and Show being Observed options

All other Remote Desktop options remain unchanged. Visit the API documentation for more info