The Kandji Team

Kandji Web App Release 2024.06.26

AUTHOR: The Kandji Team

The Kandji web app has been updated, including the following improvements:


Bulk Actions

Tags can now be added to and removed from multiple devices at once on the Devices page.

Tag Management

At the top of the Devices page, there is a new (...) menu for managing tags. From this menu, tags can be created before assigning them to devices, so they can be pre-populated in Assignment Rules for both Classic Blueprints and Assignment Maps.

Tags can also be renamed or deleted (if they are not being used in scoping rules).

Activity logging for tag modification, deletion, and assignments is now visible on individual device records as well as in the global activity stream.

See the updated Tags Knowledge Base article for more details.

Other Improvements

  • Recovery passwords and FileVault personal recovery keys will continue to be accessible on erased device records.

  • Devices can be sorted by assigned user on the Devices tab of an Assignment Map.

  • Asset Tags set on Automated Device Enrollment devices before they enroll will now persist.

  • The List ADE Devices enterprise API endpoint will no longer return duplicate records.

  • Sorted Prism reports now export more reliably.

  • The display for Assignment Maps—especially tall ones—has been updated.

  • Error handling when configuring a Microsoft Teams integration is now more descriptive.