The Kandji Team

Login Window Profiles

AUTHOR: The Kandji Team

 ㅤ   The new Login Window Profile is used to manage both visual and control elements of a device’s login window, giving IT teams a lot of granularity around how a macOS device can be accessed. The most common use case is displaying a custom banner on the login window, which can include Global Profile Variables such as Computer Name, but you can also restrict what options a user has at the login window and Apple menu.

kandji login window profile.png

Configuration options include:

  • Menu Bar: Choose whether or not to display the keyboard input menu, show additional details such as macOS version, network account info, and more.

  • User Visibility: Hide local users, admins, or the “other” button, and choose whether to display individual user icons or username and password fields

  • Banner Text: Display a custom message at the bottom of the login window and lock screen

  • Options: Hide several buttons such as Sleep, Restart, Shut Down, or password hints

  • Logged-In Users: Hide various buttons for logged in users, such as Restart, Shut Down, Lock Screen, or Log Out

For more information, visit the Logo Window Profile Knowledge Base article.