The Kandji Team

Lost Mode API

AUTHOR: The Kandji Team

A set of new API endpoints related to Lost Mode are now available. These endpoints enable fetching lost mode data, canceling an errored Lost Mode, playing the lost mode sound on a device, updating the location location, enabling Lost Mode, and disabling Lost Mode. These endpoints will not be enabled by default on existing API tokens; they must be explicitly enabled within the token's permissions.

Specifically, the following API endpoints will now be available:

GET - /api/v1/devices/{device_id}/details/lostmode

DELETE - /api/v1/devices/{device_id}/details/lostmode

POST - /api/v1/devices/{device_id}/playlostmodesound

POST - /api/v1/devices/{device_id}/updatelocation

POST - /api/v1/devices/{device_id}/disablelostmode

POST - /api/v1/devices/{device_id}/enablelostmode

Visit the API documentation for more info