The Kandji Team

Managed OS and Declarative Device Management

AUTHOR: The Kandji Team

Managed OS now uses declarative device management (DDM) for enforcing software updates on devices running macOS Sonoma or iOS/iPadOS 17 or later.

With DDM-enforced updates, OS-native notifications—instead of the Kandji Agent—will tell users what they need to do. The OS will notify users extensively leading up to the deadline, and they will be given the choice of installing the update immediately or trying later that night (or any night leading up to the enforcement deadline). Once the enforcement deadline is reached, the update proceeds with no ability to defer it further. If a device is offline or asleep when the enforcement deadline passes, the user is given a one-hour grace period before the update is enforced.

Another big change that will benefit admins and users alike: DDM-based updates are now enforced in the device’s local time zone. Admins can still specify a time zone in the Managed OS Library Items for upgrade-enforcement timing.

This update to Managed OS is now live in all Kandji tenants worldwide. No action is required by admins to use it. Update enforcement on all devices running macOS Sonoma or iOS/iPadOS 17 or later will automatically use DDM going forward.

For more details, see our support article.