The Kandji Team

Managed OS for iOS, iPadOS, tvOS Now Generally Available

AUTHOR: The Kandji Team

 ㅤ   Managed iOS for iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS is now out of preview and generally available to all Kandji customers. In addition, there have been some significant changes to the feature since it entered preview, including:

  • iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS releases are now approved and added to Managed OS the same day that Apple releases them.

  • Managed OS will prompt users of passcode-locked devices less frequently. (This makes it better adapted to mobile device use cases.)

  • The requirement that devices be supervised is now shown in the library items and made clear in documentation.

Managed OS supervision_shadow.png

For more on the Managed OS feature, see our associated blog post and support article. For details on our early access and preview programs, see our article on release stages.