The Kandji Team

Managed OS: MDM Managed Updates

AUTHOR: The Kandji Team

 ㅤ   Kandji Agent Version - 3.1.1 (1792) Managed OS will now leverage MDM commands for enforcement. This is an important change if you are using Managed OS in your instance, as any Mac computers (including those with Apple silicon) that are running 11.4 or newer will now be eligible for enforcement according to your configuration. For Mac computers with Apple silicon running a macOS version earlier than 11.4, the status will continue to be marked as incompatible with the following message, "Automated macOS updates are not possible on Apple Silicon prior to macOS 11.4." Mac computers with Intel running a macOS version between 11.2 and 11.3.1 will continue to have updates enforced via the softwareupdate CLI tool (due to reliability issues with the MDM software update commands). Learn more about Managed OS