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Preview: Assignment Rules

AUTHOR: The Kandji Team

 ㅤ   Introducing Assignment Rules in Preview With assignment rules, instead of creating two separate Blueprints based on processor architecture, you add both custom apps to your Staff Blueprint. Then add assignment rules for each of the two custom apps that assess whether the computers in the Blueprint have Intel or Apple silicon processors. When the Mac computers check in with Kandji, they are evaluated against the assignment rules, and then Kandji installs the appropriate custom app. Assignment rules use device attributes, including:

  • OS version

  • Chip type

  • Asset tag

  • Mac model

  • Supervision status

  • Enrollment type

  • FileVault status


To implement assignment rules, edit a custom app or script library item. The library item has a new Rules section, where you can construct rules using inputs, operators, and values. Inputs are the device attributes listed


Assignment rules are available now in Preview. For more on how assignment rules work and how to implement them, check out the Using Assignment Rules support article.