The Kandji Team

Prism API

AUTHOR: The Kandji Team

To go along with the release of Prism, we've also released a new collection of Prism API endpoints. These endpoints allow Kandji customers to interact with Prism data programmatically via the Kandji API. Customers can, for example, generate CSV reports by leveraging the category export endpoints. Specifically, the following API endpoint will now be available:

  • Activation lock:/api/v1/prism/activation_lock

  • Applications: /api/v1/prism/apps

  • Application firewall: /api/v1/prism/application_firewall

  • Certificates: /api/v1/prism/certificates

  • Desktop and screensaver: /api/v1/prism/desktop_and_screensaver

  • Device information: /api/v1/prism/device_information

  • FileVault: /api/v1/prism/filevault

  • Gatekeeper and XProtect: /api/v1/prism/gatekeeper_and_xprotect

  • Installed profiles: /api/v1/prism/installed_profiles

  • Kernel extensions: /api/v1/prism/kernel_extensions

  • Launch Agents and Daemons: /api/v1/prism/launch_agents_and_daemons

  • Local users: /api/v1/prism/local_users

  • Startup settings: /api/v1/prism/startup_settings

  • System extensions: /api/v1/prism/system_extensions

  • Transparency database: /api/v1/prism/transparency_database

  • Request category export: /api/v1/prism/export

  • Get category export: /api/v1/prism/export/{{export_id}}

These endpoints will not be enabled by default on existing API tokens; they must be explicitly enabled within the token's permissions. Visit the Kandji API documentation for more information.