The Kandji Team

Recovery Password Library Item

AUTHOR: The Kandji Team

 ㅤ   Kandji's new Recovery Password library item allows you to configure and apply recovery passwords (to Mac computers with Apple silicon) and EFI firmware passwords (for Intel-based Mac computers), in order to protect against unauthorized startup commands.

Recovery Password 2_edit.png

This new library item supports automatically generating per-computer passwords, with the option of configuring time-based rotation (similar to the functionality for our rotating FileVault recovery keys); alternatively, you can manually set a static password. (We recommend the per-computer option.)

Recovery password 3_edit.png

If you’ve migrated from another device management solution, and had firmware passwords configured on Intel-based Mac computers, you can also provide up to 20 of those known passwords to Kandji and they will be automatically updated.  For end-users, the experience will depend on the kind of Mac they have. For Mac computers with Apple silicon, the recovery password will be applied without any user interaction. For Intel-based Mac computers, users will be prompted to restart within 30 minutes after a legacy firmware password is applied, whether for the first time or when being rotated; this restart can not be deferred. Learn more about the Recovery Password library item.