The Kandji Team

Support for New Features in macOS Ventura

AUTHOR: The Kandji Team

 ㅤ   The following improvements, relating to macOS Ventura, are now available in Kandji:

  • A new Login & Background Items library item, to prevent users from turning off items that load or run in the background.

  • Many new restrictions in the Restrictions library item, including: —Disallow universal control;
    —Disallow profile installation via System Settings;
    —Disallow USB restricted mode;
    —Disallow automatic screen saver;
    —Disallow enabling additional restrictions on-device;
    —Disallow proximity setup to a new device;
    —Enforce a fingerprint timeout for Touch ID on Mac;
    —Disallow incoming AirPlay requests;
    —Force limited ad tracking;
    —Disallow Apple personalized advertising;
    —Allow an unpaired external boot to recovery (defaults to false).

  • Support for more granularly managing System Settings via the System Preferences Panes library item.

  • System Policy App Bundle Management in the Privacy library item, to allow specified apps to update or delete other apps.

  • Managing the Terms of Address Setup Assistant Screen via Automated Device Enrollment (when the Mac is set up with Ethernet).