The Kandji Team

Updated Management of Firewall Payloads

AUTHOR: The Kandji Team

 ㅤ   Two keys in the Firewall payload have changed:

  • Ensure Firewall is configured to log; and

  • Ensure detailed firewall logging.

Prior to macOS 12, these keys were set by the Kandji Agent. In macOS 12, these keys are set via MDM; on this version and later, on this version and later, the Kandji Agent is not able to set them due to security improvements within macOS.

Firewall payload keys.png

With this change, if a device running macOS 11 or earlier has this profile and is then updated to macOS 12, Kandji will re-push the profile and include the new keys that are set by MDM; the keys will no longer be managed by the Kandji Agent. Administrators will notice an activity log entry for this action when Kandji automatically pushes down the Firewall profile.