Use powerful logic for a fast migration

Migrating from one MDM solution to another can be intimidating. Let Kandji's MigrationAgent do the heavy lifting for you.
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Leverage your current MDM
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Migrate users in minutes
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Work with Kandji engineers
Kandji MigrationAgent is deployed to your Mac computers through your current MDM solution. Our engineers tailor the agent to your specific needs.
Once you are ready to migrate, the agent reduces required user interaction to a few clicks—that’s all it takes to get your computers moved over to Kandji.

Kandji MigrationAgent

Customized migration

We customize the agent and its logic so it meets your particular needs. Our engineers continue to work with you until every computer is enrolled into Kandji.

Persistent reminders

Prompt users to enroll into Kandji through native notifications. The MigrationAgent continues to show notifications until enrollment into Kandji is complete.

Flexible enrollment options

Users can enroll in Kandji via Automated Device Enrollment or manually through our web enrollment portal.