The future is passwordless.

But until then, let’s have just one.
Give your users a login experience that feels native to the Mac, yet leverages their single sign-on credentials for a more secure login and just one password to remember.
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Deploy in minutes
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A native experience
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Use with existing Mac accounts


Make it your own

Import your logo. Change the wallpaper. Customize the username field. Passport feels native to the Mac but gives you control over the login experience.

Take charge of user provisioning

Get granular control over user account types. Choose whether users get standard or admin accounts. If you need it, even more controls are available.

Improve your password hygiene

Leverage your identity provider’s password management to secure your Mac fleet. With Passport, your users always log in with their most up-to-date credentials.

Support for leading identity providers

Connect to Okta, Azure, OneLogin, or any other identity provider that supports the OpenID Connect ROPG authentication flow which allows password sync.

Watch the launch event

Watch the replay of the Kandji Passport launch event from November 3, 2021 on Youtube. Join Kandji team members for the Passport kickoff along with a guest appearance from Nate Callaghan at Okta.