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Kandji Advantages

Opn develops one-stop financial solutions that empower businesses of all sizes across industries. Opn is a leader in payments in the Asia-Pacific region and a top 25 provider of payment processing in the U.S. The company is headquartered in Tokyo with offices in Alpharetta, Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.


Opn was looking for an Apple MDM solution that could increase the security of their systems as well as increase the automation of their IT management tasks. Opn operates with a lean IT team, so they needed a greater degree of efficiency than their existing MDM. As a Fintech company, security was also paramount.

The Opn IT team believed that having a security-focused, highly automated device management solution would help them on both counts—letting the security team scale their impact, while at the same time ensuring that policies were consistently enforced with less opportunity for user error.


After evaluating what was on the market, the Opn IT department decided to transition their Apple fleet management from the previous solution to Kandji. Key to their decision was the unique blend of security and automation features that Kandji provided. They were confident that Kandji’s ability to deliver a true zero touch onboarding experience would ensure that their devices were properly set up from the start, while Kandji’s ability to automate both software and OS updates would help them keep their systems secure at all times.

Strategic advantages

Since adopting Kandji and rolling it out across their Mac fleet, the Opn team saw 10 advantages over other management solutions they tried:

  1. Kandji has a focus on security, which was a major selling point for the IT department and the company. Kandji’s pre-built security templates, which allowed them to quickly and easily setup compliance with CIS Level 1 and Level 2 standards, were a major convincing factor.
  2. The user interface is clean and easy to use, leading to fewer administrator errors compared to other UEM or Apple MDM solutions Opn has used before. That also makes it easier for admins to get up and running with it.
  3. Kandji is focused exclusively on providing a great Apple management experience, rather than trying to support multiple platforms. It is "built by Mac admins for Mac admins”.
  4. The Kandji Migration Agent made it easy for the Opn IT team to switch from their previous MDM solution to Kandji. The ease of learning and deploying Kandji also contributed to a faster migration process. All in all, they were able to transition quickly and with less disruption to operations than anticipated.
  5. Liftoff provides a great out-of-the-box, zero-touch deployment and onboarding experience for end users. The IT team preferred it overwhelmingly to other solutions they tried, finding it to be much easier for them to administer and much smoother for end users.

Liftoff is awesome, it’s really zero-touch onboarding: it tells you what's going on, it gives you visual feedback!

Andrew Robinson Senior IT Support Manager, Opn
  1. Kandji Self Service is a well-designed, user-friendly feature that provides a great experience for both IT admins and end users. Self Service acts as an internal app store for users to self-install apps the IT team makes available to them.

I love when I go into Kandji Self Service, I love that this UI is very easy, just “drag and drop”, I can click “Customize” and I can put our logo in there. I really enjoy that attention to detail that Kandji provides.

Andrew Robinson Senior IT Support Manager, Opn
  1. Kandji has a top-notch customer support team that is not just technically proficient but also has great people skills with 24/5 availability worldwide.
  2. Kandji is constantly improving and adding new capabilities over time, showing a commitment to making the product better. Opn IT team appreciated this "kaizen" or “continuous improvement” approach.
  3. The integration of security features like EDR directly into the Kandji Agent simplified Apple fleet security management.
  4. Kandji gives the Opn IT team confidence that their fleet is secure, compliant and up-to-date without requiring a lot of manual effort on their part. It allows them to easily report status to their management.


In summary, the Opn IT team valued Kandji's focus on security, simplicity, Mac-centric approach, smooth migration, constant improvement and integrated functionality. They specifically enjoyed the peace of mind it provides regarding the fleet's security and compliance. The Kandji excellent customer support is an added bonus to help them keep managing their Apple fleet with Kandji now and into the future.

Kandji gives us confidence that our fleet is healthy, our fleet is secure, and our fleet is compliant.

Andrew Robinson Senior IT Support Manager, Opn