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Time saved by IT and Security teams to keep their Apple fleet secure

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Before coming to Kandji, the TensorIoT IT admin team did not have a platform to manage its Apple devices. So as the first step, the TensorIoT IT team had to select an Apple MDM platform.

Furthermore, the existing EDR solution was not a good fit for the IT admin team. It had two main problems:

  • The IT team did not have much experience with security. Its previous EDR solution had a steep learning curve: It took the admins six months just to figure out how to deploy that solution properly and to optimize it for their particular use case.
  • The IT team also found that the previous EDR solution required a lot of manual intervention. For example, installing network certificates and updating definition databases both had to be done ‘manually.’ Users had to help with the EDR update process: Often, their clients would display “Definitions out of Date” messages, which meant they had to manually check and update them.


Some of the IT team members had worked with Jamf, Kandji, and other Apple MDM platforms in the past. As a first step, the TensorIoT IT team selected Kandji as their Apple MDM solution because they deemed Kandji’s UI and usability superior to those of other MDM solutions. With Kandji, they did not need a long sequence of training sessions or dig through a lot of scripts to figure out how to do what they needed to do.

When Kandji EDR became available in the spring of 2023, TensorIoT immediately requested a trial. The main benefits the IT Admin team found using Kandji EDR are:

  1. Easy to set up: Kandji EDR is already baked into Kandji MDM, making it easy to deploy and to manage.
  2. Easy to use: The IT team was impressed by Kandji EDR’s ease of use: everything they needed, in order to manage EDR, was easily available.
  3. Powerful automation: Kandji automated their EDR process, eliminating the need for manual intervention. Allow-listing an app that users need, and block-listing those they didn’t, took just a click. Kandji EDR leverages the Apple Endpoint Security Framework to automate many tasks.
  4. Saving time: With its previous EDR solution, TensorIoT’s IT team was spending two to three hours a day to manually check security settings on its Mac computers and determine which ones needed to be updated. By fully automating endpoint detection and response tasks, Kandji EDR has helped them save roughly 25 percent of IT staff time.
  5. Improve the overall security posture of their Apple fleet: By automatically monitoring all files and applications on TensorIoT’s Mac computers, scanning files in real-time to determine whether they are malicious and then quarantining them if they are, Kandji EDR has improved the security posture of their macOS fleet.


By using Kandji EDR to secure its Apple fleet, the TensorIoT IT team has:

  • Made it easier for admins to keep the Apple fleet secure;
  • Saved 25% of the time IT and Security teams spent on that fleet;
  • Strengthened its security posture