The Kandji Team

Add Links to Kandji Self Service Apps

AUTHOR: The Kandji Team

A new Bookmarks Library Item lets you add links to organization resources to the Kandji Self Service app on Mac, iPhone, and iPad devices. You do so by creating a new Bookmarks Library Item in the Kandji web app.

Bookmarks library item_shadow.png

For each bookmark, you supply a URL, title, and (optionally) thumbnail image. You can specify a category (the section of the Self Service app where you want that bookmark to appear) and (optionally) select the Recommended checkbox so that the bookmark is highlighted in the Recommended section of Self Service. If you don’t assign a category to a bookmark, it will appear under the default category of Bookmarks.

Bookmarks 3_shadow.png

You can share http:// and https:// URLs, as well as bookmarks for mailto:// and (for macOS only) file://.

Once you’ve added the links to the Bookmarks Library Item, you can assign that item to one or more Blueprints.

For more details, see our Bookmarks support article.