The Kandji Team

End-User Localization in macOS

AUTHOR: The Kandji Team

 ㅤ   Kandji now supports localized languages in the macOS menu bar item, the Self Service app for macOS, and the Kandji MigrationAgent. 


With this localization, all of those interfaces will automatically be rendered in the language selected on the device. Languages supported are French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified), or Japanese (in addition to English). Over time, Kandji plans to expand that list.


This new localization support applies only to strings in those user interfaces that can’t be customized. Customizable strings (such as header, subheader, or software category labels in the Self Service app) aren’t automatically rendered in the chosen language—but, because they’re editable, they can be localized manually by IT.  For more details, see our support article on Self Service for macOS.