The Kandji Team

Kandji Agent: Improvements to Menu App, Managed OS, Passport, Parameter

AUTHOR: The Kandji Team

With the release of Kandji Agent 4.2.10 (4591), we’ve introduced several improvements and changes.

Menu App Animation

This version of the Kandji Agent no longer displays a puff-of-smoke animation (with the accompanying sound effects) in the Kandji menu bar app when an Auto App update completes.

Managed OS

If a Mac has a configuration profile installed that’s set to hide a macOS update or upgrade in Software Update settings, the Kandji Agent will no longer initiate the Managed OS fallback experience. (That experience is initiated when an MDM-initiated update or upgrade of macOS doesn’t complete successfully.)


Passport no longer attempts to create a new local user account if there is already a file or folder in the location where that user’s home folder should be.


Improved the Set retention for install.log parameter to allow for no maximum file size limit, to fully comply with the CIS benchmark guidance for macOS 12 Monterey.