The Kandji Team

Return to Service API

AUTHOR: The Kandji Team

The Erase Device API action has been updated to support Apple’s new Return to Service feature on iOS and iPadOS. To use Return to Service when sending the Erase Device action, the ReturnToService key object should be added to the JSON request body. Using this new key, admins can define whether RTS is enabled and define an optional Wi-Fi payload, ProfileId, to allow the device to connect to a Wi-Fi network automatically after being erased.

As an example of a request body containing the new RTS feature:

    "PIN": "123456",
    "PreserveDataPlan": true,
    "DisallowProximitySetup": false,
    "ReturnToService": {
        "Enabled": true,
        "ProfileId": "c0af8f59-8d96-49e3-a66b-80639bc43eac"

See the Kandji API documentation for more information.