How many Apple devices do you want to manage?
What managing devices with Kandji means to Apple admins

Migrate from your current MDM

Our engineers customize each migration and work with you until every device is managed by Kandji and in your desired state.

Kandji MigrationAgent deploys to your Mac fleet and
automates the move from your current MDM solution to Kandji.
Zero-touch deployment

Deliver the perfect first day

Transform an unboxed Mac into an enterprise-ready computer, with all the right apps, settings, and security controls in place—zero touch.

Liftoff shows users what's happening while Kandji
configures the new Mac.
The best employee experience

Reach your desired state

Kandji gives you a clear path to reach your desired state and stay there.
Leverage Blueprints, templates, Auto Apps, and security controls—all of which auto-remediate.
User-initiated enrollment

Beyond support, get solutions.

Expand your impact at work by leveraging Kandji’s solutions engineers and their deep experience in Apple device management.

Support engineers are one click away via chat or email.
User-initiated enrollment

Leverage a flexible API

Use the Kandji API to perform actions or build dashboards with detailed information about your devices.

Pull data into your workflows to automate more and configure less.
Give your users an elegant experience
Let your users know you care about them by giving them the native experience they expect from Apple in each interaction.

The Kandji Agent notifies users proactively if they need to take action.

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